1. Describe the rise of conservative movement as seen in the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater (1964) and the election of Richard M. Nixon
    1. Nixon Campaign – what was his strategy to win

To win the election, Nixon had to think of a way to get the Southerns votes because most white male in the south did not feel like they were being supported by neither democratic or republican party so they went more towards the third party. Nixon did not want to lose those important votes that could help him win the election, so he thought of a plan called the southern strategy. This plan means they gain support from the South by going with the racism of blacks. This way they will get the support from the south because then they will feel as if they are finally getting their voices heard.


What I learned is that candidates are willing to go to the extent of criticizing and lower the value of another race just so they can get votes. This strategy has not only been used by him, but some believe that is also why Donald Trump won presidency. He criticized other races and religion to appeal to racist white southerns just to get their vote and win the election. His campaign was surrounded by white supremacy and nationalism and that is the reason why he got votes to begin with.




  1. Explain the importance of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the resulting developments; include Earth Day, the Creation of the EPA and modern day environmental policy CREATE AN EARTH DAY 2017 FLYER
    1. Rachel Carson –  who was she, what was her book, Silent Spring about, how did it prompt legislative action – explain Earth Day
    2. NEPA – what was NEPA, what does the EPA set out to do
    3. Major environmental policies that EPA is in charge of now,

Environment was also starting to become important to people. Rachel Carson for example started to join the movement of protecting the environment. She wrote a book called Silent Spring. In this book, her main focus was on the impact fertilizers and pesticides do to the environment. She published her research on what she has done with them and how they affect the food chain. It was a bestseller and she expected a lot of criticism, but she got the complete opposite. Because of her book, DDT was banned and the legislation created Earth Day which is a day used to bring attention to the environment and is still there every year.

NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) was signed on January 1, 1970. This is used to make sure that before the government can build something, they must make sure it will not affect the environment. This is ran by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). The agency’s goals are to basically protect the people from environmental issues, to protect the environment and global issues, and laws protecting human health and the environment are being enforced.


What I learned from this standard is that issues that are important are finally being important. I am also learning that if you want something to change, you must bring it into the spotlight and show that it needs to be changed. This has impacted the world because now the environment is important and there are people out there who are trying to protect it. Global warming is real and we need to start trying to save the environment as much as possible before everything is extinct for future generations.



  1. Analyze Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Worker’s Movement
    1. Who is Cesar Chavez
    2. United Farmers Workers Movement – Why was it created, objective, was it successful

Cesar Chavez was a labor union leader who was an activist for the civil rights movement. He created a union for farm workers called Farm Workers Association. In this union, he went on strike with another group. This brought them national attention. Just like Martin Luther King Jr., he believed in non-violence and believes in protesting in peaceful ways is the better way to go and gets things done. They did boycotts, fasted, and went on strike to get the people on their side and for them to understand that they deserve rights. The United Farmers Workers Movement was created so that farmers could get their rights that they deserve. They wanted all of the racism to stop so they would go to the cities and tell them to not buy grapes unless they see a certain sticker on it. This brought a lot of attention and actually helped them be successful in the end.


Over this standard, I learned that racism was to everyone. If you were not white, you are not important and must fight for your rights. That was how life was then. All they want is equal rights no matter what race or religion or ethnicity you are. This affects the world today because now you can not discriminate anyone based on their race. You can not reject someone a job or their rights just because they are a part of a minority race.




    1. Describe the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the origins and goals of the modern women’s movement – TAKE BACK THE NIGHT EVENT FLYER FOR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY OF CHOICE
      1. Founding of NOW
      2. Major actions and accomplishments  -Take Back the Night how have they contributed to the women’s movement
      3. Feminine Mystique – what is it, importance
      4. Roe v. Wade – Who was the chief justice, what was the decision on what constitutional/legal ground

During this time, Women’s rights were becoming important. The creation of NOW (National Organization of Women) happened in the year of 1966. The purpose to the group is to gain equality for all genders in social, political, and economic life. One of the founders of the organization, Betty Friedan, wrote a book called Feminine Mystique. In this book, she talks about stereotypes for women and how women are not just meant to just stay at home and work around the house all day. Women can work just as hard as men can and she was an active feminist who promoted this idea. Another way to promote women equality was Take Back the Night. This is there to raise awareness of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc. This has produced awareness and helps women realize that they need to stand up for themselves and others. It helps empower women and show that we are more than just objects and actually mean something. We are humans and we are important. Another accomplishment during this moment was Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade made abortions legal in the United States. The Chief Justice on the case was Warren E. Burger. Making abortions legal only happened because making it illegal goes against the 1st, 4th, 9th, and 14th amendment because this is a citizen’s decisions.


Without any of this happening, women would not get enough respect or rights that they deserve. As a young lady, I like how I am actually able to make decisions over my body. I am happy that I am allowed to work anywhere and I am not required to stay at home and clean. A woman is strong and powerful and I feel like that is what this movement represented. Everyone deserves respect and this has definitely helped with showing that one’s gender does that define what you can or can not do.





  1. Compare and contrast the Student Non-violent coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) tactics; include sit-ins, freedom rides and changing composition

    1. What were the objectives, who were the organizers of the: NAACP, SNCC and SCLC
      1. SNCC – summer of 1964
    2. Freedom Rides & Sit- in – explain what each is, why were these methods chosen over others
      1. Montgomery Bus Boycott
    3. Changing composition – how many African Americans were elected officials (or leaders in their neighborhoods, cities, states) in the 1960’s

                        1. University of California v. Bakke   – Who was the chief justice, what was                                  the decision on what constitutional/legal ground

The NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Colored People), SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee), and SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) all had the same goals, but had different ways in achieving their goals. The NAACP was founded by W.E.B. DuBois, Ida Wells,and Mary White Ovington on February 12, 1909. They wanted equality for blacks and wanted the same treatment as whites and other races. SNCC was founded by Ella Baker, Diane Nash, Julian Bond, Bernard Lafayette, and Charles Sherrod in the 1960’s and they wanted better treatment for blacks and believed in non-violence to gain more rights. It had a large support among the youth even though some believed this should be left for the adults. Some young adults wanted to fight for their rights in peaceful ways. In the summer of 1964, they decided they wanted to increase the votes among blacks in Mississippi so they tried to get a lot of members to vote. This only ended up with the group splitting between those who believed that non-violence is better and those who believe in violence due to the fact of anger racist and members of the KKK. The SCLC was founded by Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Joseph Lowery, Fred Shuttlesworth, and Bayard Rustin in on January 10, 1957 and believed in non-violent protest to gain more rights by doing sit-ins and marches like the March on Washington.

Some ways protests would happen was by sit-in and freedom riders. Sit-ins would be when blacks would sit in white restaurants or white only sections and not move when asked to. They would sit there and hear criticism and racial slurs. Sometimes there would be violent attacks on them as they would sit there, but it was there way to protest. They would not move or say a word. They would do the same on buses. They would either go on buses that are only for whites or sit in an all white section and would not get up when asked to. Some of them would go to jail for this. This caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott later on. This was when Rosa Parks refused to get from the whites only section when a white man came. She was arrested and this causes blacks to boycott all buses which eventually hurt the business of the buses. At Rosa Park’s court hearing, they agreed to make all buses integrated and that anyone can ride public transportation no matter what.

In the 1960’s, Edward Brooke (senator), Carl B. Strokes (mayor), Shirley Chisholm (congress), Richard G. Hatcher (mayor), and Thurgood Marshall (supreme court) were all elected or put into the government. Many more came in after them. Even our formal president was black so it shows that our government has become more open with races and everyone has an opportunity.

The court case of University of California vs. Bakke was about how Bakke was rejected from college because of his skin color. The chief justice, Warren E. Burger, ruled that what the university did goes against the constitution. Bakke was allowed to go to the university if he pleased due to the fact that he was only rejected because of his race.


Everyone was working hard to get equal rights because it was difficult and it still is for people to accept who you are because of your race. Many groups worked to reached the same goal of equality and it was eventually earned and they got it. It shows how long and hard people have worked and how brave they are to protest in order to stand up for themselves and others. In my opinion without them doing this, I do not think that blacks would not be almost as equal as whites today. I would never be able to do what some of them went through and I respect them all for what they did.



  1. Describe the social and political turmoil of 1968;include the assassinations of MLK Jr, Robert Kennedy and the events surrounding the DNC
    1. MLK assassination – who killed him, why
    2. MLK assassination Riots – when, where, why, what happened, affects
    3. Robert Kennedy Assassination – Who killed him, why, what role did Robert play politically at that time
    4. 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention (DNC) riots – causes what happened result

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential people during the Civil Rights movement. Because of this, he had a lot of attention brought to him. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray. It is believed that Ray murdered King because Ray was a racist and did not like the whole idea of everyone being equal. There are still questions about his involvement in the actual murder. For example, some believe he wasn’t doing it alone and that he was doing it for the money. At the end of the day, he admitted to the murder in court with a man in Canada, but told King’s son that he did not do it after he escaped prison. Because of his assassination, riots broke all around the country especially in black communities. Everyone mourned over the fact that he was murdered and it caused more problems between blacks and whites. It caused a lot of civil disobedience and caused the “Holy Week Uprising”. A lot of people were put in jail due to damage of property and noises they would cause. They were all angry over the fact that a racist white male would kill someone who meant so much to many people. He was like a representation of peace and hope and was a great civil rights leader.

Another important man that was assassinated was Robert Kennedy. He was killed by Sirhan right after he won the California Democratic primary. Apparently, Sirhan was obsessed with the thought of killing JFK and wrote about it in journals. When questioned, he refused all of this and had no idea about the writing in the journals so people started to believe that he was just hypnotized by someone to do it for them. Because of this, another Kennedy has lost their life while being apart of the political world.

The riots in the Chicago Democratic National Convention in 1968 all started over Vietnam. They were split on what to do with them and on the war which caused riots on the streets by anti-war protesters. Cops soon came and started to fight the crowd by physically hurting them and throwing gas into the crowd. This did calm down the crowd because  a lot of them were injured and were required to go to the hospital to get checked by doctors.


There are a lot of riots happening at this time. Riots over the fact that MLK Jr. was killed by a racist and riots over trying to show a protest against the war, but it seems like no one is listening. People are just getting hurt and jailed for showing their believes and frustration. The whole non-violence movement is becoming distant and I feel like they all have started to feel the need to use violence to show and be able to show their message. Without any assassinated, I feel like there would not be so many riots and so many people trying to protest on the streets.



  1. the_great_society (1)Explain Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society; include the establishment of Medicare
    1. What was the “Great Society” – Domestic  policies created and passed to make his “Great Society” possible
    2. What is Medicare how is it funded, who does it take care of

President Lyndon Johnson decided to finish what President Kennedy started before his assassination. He continued to work against discrimination and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Soon enough he “declared” war on poverty. He felt not only should he help with discrimination but that he should also start helping those in poverty. In his campaign to be re-elected in which he won, he promoted the idea of building a “Great Society”. Johnson passed many acts such as The Wilderness Protection Act which saved forest land, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act which provided funding to public education, The Voting Rights Act which removed discriminatory acts that prevented African Americans from voting, etc. Another act he made that is very important is Medicare. Medicare is federal health insurance that helps those who are 65 years or older, those with disabilities, and those with terminal diseases. Medicare is paid by tax payers money and also comes out of employees paychecks. It is also funded by Social Security.


The Great Society does have an impact on me. As a current student in the public school system, I am able to get tablets and desks. My school is able to get renovations and as a band student, we get money for more instruments. To me, that is important and it is important that everyone gets an education and this is a way to help with that. Also when I become old, I get to qualify for medicare. This way I can get the help I need even if I do not have enough money. This helps so many people everyday. I feel like his Great Society plan was an actual success to everyone across the country.