1. Analyze Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Worker’s Movement
    1. Who is Cesar Chavez
    2. United Farmers Workers Movement – Why was it created, objective, was it successful

Cesar Chavez was a labor union leader who was an activist for the civil rights movement. He created a union for farm workers called Farm Workers Association. In this union, he went on strike with another group. This brought them national attention. Just like Martin Luther King Jr., he believed in non-violence and believes in protesting in peaceful ways is the better way to go and gets things done. They did boycotts, fasted, and went on strike to get the people on their side and for them to understand that they deserve rights. The United Farmers Workers Movement was created so that farmers could get their rights that they deserve. They wanted all of the racism to stop so they would go to the cities and tell them to not buy grapes unless they see a certain sticker on it. This brought a lot of attention and actually helped them be successful in the end.


Over this standard, I learned that racism was to everyone. If you were not white, you are not important and must fight for your rights. That was how life was then. All they want is equal rights no matter what race or religion or ethnicity you are. This affects the world today because now you can not discriminate anyone based on their race. You can not reject someone a job or their rights just because they are a part of a minority race.




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