1. the_great_society (1)Explain Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society; include the establishment of Medicare
    1. What was the “Great Society” – Domestic  policies created and passed to make his “Great Society” possible
    2. What is Medicare how is it funded, who does it take care of

President Lyndon Johnson decided to finish what President Kennedy started before his assassination. He continued to work against discrimination and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Soon enough he “declared” war on poverty. He felt not only should he help with discrimination but that he should also start helping those in poverty. In his campaign to be re-elected in which he won, he promoted the idea of building a “Great Society”. Johnson passed many acts such as The Wilderness Protection Act which saved forest land, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act which provided funding to public education, The Voting Rights Act which removed discriminatory acts that prevented African Americans from voting, etc. Another act he made that is very important is Medicare. Medicare is federal health insurance that helps those who are 65 years or older, those with disabilities, and those with terminal diseases. Medicare is paid by tax payers money and also comes out of employees paychecks. It is also funded by Social Security.


The Great Society does have an impact on me. As a current student in the public school system, I am able to get tablets and desks. My school is able to get renovations and as a band student, we get money for more instruments. To me, that is important and it is important that everyone gets an education and this is a way to help with that. Also when I become old, I get to qualify for medicare. This way I can get the help I need even if I do not have enough money. This helps so many people everyday. I feel like his Great Society plan was an actual success to everyone across the country.



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