1. Describe the rise of conservative movement as seen in the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater (1964) and the election of Richard M. Nixon
    1. Nixon Campaign – what was his strategy to win

To win the election, Nixon had to think of a way to get the Southerns votes because most white male in the south did not feel like they were being supported by neither democratic or republican party so they went more towards the third party. Nixon did not want to lose those important votes that could help him win the election, so he thought of a plan called the southern strategy. This plan means they gain support from the South by going with the racism of blacks. This way they will get the support from the south because then they will feel as if they are finally getting their voices heard.


What I learned is that candidates are willing to go to the extent of criticizing and lower the value of another race just so they can get votes. This strategy has not only been used by him, but some believe that is also why Donald Trump won presidency. He criticized other races and religion to appeal to racist white southerns just to get their vote and win the election. His campaign was surrounded by white supremacy and nationalism and that is the reason why he got votes to begin with.



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