• Explain Brown v. Board of Education and efforts to resist the decision


  • Who was the chief justice, what was the decision on what constitutional/legal ground
  • Brown II
  • Little Rock Nine – year, who, what happened and result
  • University of Alabama – year, who, what happened and result

In the Brown v. Board of the Education, they wanted to integrate black and white school. Chief Justice Earl Warren was in charge of the case and there was an unanimous vote on desegregating the schools. The reason why they got this was because it violates the 14th amendment which protects the rights of anyone no matter what race, religion, or ethnicity. In Brown II, the court ruled that the states need to integrate the school. Little Rock Nine happened on September 25, 1957. This event was when nine, black children went to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. They had to be escorted and went through rude crowds just to enter the school. They helped with the civil rights movement and helped everyone get used to the fact that the schools are not going to be different. In University of Alabama, the governor of Alabama, George Wallace, promised the people of Alabama that he will keep segregation in schools and he literally did that. He went out of his way to block the enrollment doors so two African Americans can not enroll into the school. The Supreme Court said that it is unconstitutional to not allow anyone because of their race to enroll into the school. President Kennedy sent troops over so they had to allowed inside the school to be able to be enrolled.


In this standard, I have learned that the United States is becoming better. Parts of the government was beginning to realize that it is not fair that they are segregating the schools. What still surprises me is the fact that some people would go out of their way just to block them from entering. I remember watching a movie of one of the children from Little Rock Nine trying to enter the school and she was surrounded by crowds of people giving her hate and even threatening her. It is great that the government is slowly beginning to realize that everyone needs to be equal and now the people needs to too.



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