1. ID Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball – MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE POSTER  
    1. What year and team did this began
    2. Reaction of team mates, other MLB teams, fans
    3. When did other black players make it into the major leagues

Jackie Robinson was the first African American in Major League Baseball. He joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. In his early life, he was raised in poverty by his single mother. He was inspired by his brother to follow his dreams and do what he wants. He went to college at University of California and got four varsity letters. Eventually, he had to drop out due to money problems. He later went to boot camp to join the army because that was the time the United States entered World War II. Once he came back, he joined the Negros League and was noticed by the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Branch Rickey. He got a lot of hate and heard a lot of racial slurs from fans and team mates. Even some teams like the Philadelphia Phillies harassed him. A lot of his teammates were saying they will sit out, but the stopped once their manager told them that he is more likely to trade one of them than he is to trade Jackie. This made them realize that he is not going anywhere. Other black players started joining the league around the same time as Robinson.


Jackie Robinson was brave to join the baseball league. He has inspired many people and allowed for the league to stop discriminating and accept others. This shows how the United States was slowly beginning to get away from discrimination and give hope that there are people out there who are not racist. I named my movie “Dreamin'” because it was a part of his dreams. He was inspired by his brother to go with his dreams and be who you want to be in life. He has helped the league and the country and he has given hope to many.



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